• Mary Brennan, The Herald

    "Funny, provocative and bleak - Yet another Junction 25 show well worth watching."

    on 5.9 Million

  • Joyce McMillan

    "You have to be there, to sense the full force of Junction 25"

    on I'd Rather Humble Than Hero

  • Mary Brennan, The Herald

    "to stir one’s own memories and tug at heart and head alike. … brave, bold, brilliant stuff."

    on Figment

  • Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

    "a piece of youth theatre like this competes on absolutely equal terms with professional theatre"

    on From Where I'm Standing

  • Mary Brennan, The Herald

    "There’s engaging freshness, integrity and originality in every strand of this outstanding work."

    on I Hope My Heart Goes First

On Tour

A Bit of Bite

‘a reflection on what young eyes see
and how they feel about it…. A fresh, frank energy.’
★★★★ The Herald

Platform, Glasgow | 29 March at 1.30pm / 7pm

Battersea Arts Centre, London | 6 April at 7:30 & 7 April at 8pm

| Passion (noun): a strong and barely controllable emotion.

You say that I don’t get it. That I’m too young, too naïve, too innocent to feel strongly about anything important. That I’m too inexperienced to know what it means and why it matters. You think I don’t really know what to shout about or what to fight for.

You are wrong.

A Bit Of Bite is the most recent show by Junction 25 about the role of young people in contemporary politics and the power and responsibility that comes with having a voice and using it. Originally staged in June 2016 to a sell-out audiences at Tramway, Glasgow, A Bit of Bite will be on tour in Spring 2017. We hope to see you there!

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