This Space


By Junction 25

The company Junction 25 was founded in 2005 by artists Jess Thorpe and Tashi Gore. The vision at this time was to create a space for young people to make original performance work informed by their own experiences and ideas about the world around them. It was hoped that it could be a space for voices to be heard, stories to be told and questions to be asked. A space to celebrate the importance of being an individual alongside the feeling of belonging to group.

Ten years on Junction 25 continue to make new performance work in Scotland. Due to the nature of the group the make-up of the core company is always changing and the direction of the creative work shifts as each new person adds their voice to the conversation. As a result it is impossible to ever write about it from any one perspective. It is always an attempt at collaboration – of shared ownership and co -authorship. It is always a group effort.

And so in 2015 the community of young artists that make up the past and present company of Junction 25 were asked the question:

What is this space for?

This manifesto is our collective response…



This is a space to make work in a way that doesn’t feel as though you’re just a ‘child’, but as an equal voice in the world.


To say how you would like the world to work, regardless of whether or not you are ‘qualified’ to say so.


A space to feel challenged, inspired and encouraged.


A space to hold, and be held.


To talk
To speculate about the future


A space to become politicized and to speak your mind.


To know that “failure” is not necessarily a bad thing.


To be safe in saying that you just don’t like something, or that you love something – or even feel indifferent to it.


A space to dance like no one is watching.


A space to understand it’s okay to want new football boots for my birthday and not a doll.


To have a long jump competition


Or a picnic


To run and jump on tables


To do the Thriller dance


To argue with your brother


And wrestle with your sister


A space to fight with your parents, and call it the creative process


A space to throw eggs


A space to really belt out Justin Timberlake


A space to have a dance off


And a massive food fight


A space to squeeze tomatoes
A space to act out a music video
A space to drink tea on the grass


To wear pyjamas
A space to take pictures
A space to figure it out


A space to cross a bridge of people


A space to understand the importance of art.


A space where the final performance in only as important as how everyone’s day is going.


A space to ask questions


To forget about everything that brings you down.


To be completely yourself.


A space without judgement.


To say the way you feel


To display the things which matter to you most.


To ask others to engage in issues you feel strongly about.


To explore.


To let imagination take hold.


A space you can ask questions.


A space to discover


A space to design more spaces.


A space to be yourself with no apologies.


A space to create your own rules


A space to make mistakes


To fall backwards


A space to swear if you want to.


And cry if you have to.


A space to hold your heart in your hand.


A space to relate to others


To be more creative and open about ideas


A space to have fun


To get away from stressful school work


To work hard


To meet interesting people


To show your creative personality


A space to begin a journey


A space to communicate how we feel without necessarily being verbal


A space to speak
A space to be heard
A space to listen
A space to create
A space to escape to
A space to do something special
A space to build something personal


A space where young people aren’t considered as “immature” or “uneducated” and “unimportant”
A space to do more than what’s expected
A space not to be treated like a child


A space to make change


A space where there are no creative boundaries


A space to share
A space to be proud of
A space to love


A space that is important to the people in it


A space to begin a community


A space to design new spaces