Meet Our New Directors

Most of you will know that DEADLINE is being directed by two brand new lead artists: EXCITING!

We get to know them a little better…


  1. Tell us a wee bit about you?鈥ㄢ

My name is Rosie I am a theatre practitioner from the southside of Glasgow. I work with many different groups to make theatre, I mostlly work with young people but another significant part of my practice is working within criminal justice settings. My favourite pastimes are being with my friends, northern soul dancing and going on spontaneous adventures.

  1. How did you first find out about Junction 25?鈥ㄢ

When I was around 14 years old my younger sister invited us to go see the first ever Junction 25 show called Elegant Variation.聽I distinctly remember the smell of fresh grass when I first walked into the theatre. The stage was made of grass with with young women telling their stories of what makes them unique and how we should celebrate diversity. I remember feeling surprised watching a piece of theatre that was so unfamiliar to me. This experience inspired me to join the company which led me to follow a career in the arts.

  1. How have you worked with the group to make the new show DEADLINE?鈥ㄢ

As most people that have ever seen work from Junction 25 or know anything about the company one of the main principles of the artistic practice is that the work is devised by the young people and the show acts as a platform for young people’s voices to be heard. To make the show we have been using a lot of different making techniques that have been focussed around countdowns and pressure. By creating an environment where time is running out, this has allowed us to play and experiment with what deadlines mean and how pressure can make us feel.


  1. What do you think are important about the themes of the show for young audiences?

We are living in a time where young people are under increasing pressure from the schooling system to produce academic results. Where young people are expected to make career defining decisions at ever earlier stages of their schooling careers, and where post-graduation young people are thrown into the harsh economic reality of austerity Britain, where the competition for the decreasing pool of high paying jobs is growing fiercer and fiercer.

  1. What are you looking forward to about the final stage of the process?

This point of the process is always the most exciting stage, we begin to piece all the material together and shape it into a final piece. We have the space to develop the material and deepen the cast’s personal enquiries within the piece. At this final moment while playing with the materials and working on the performance is where we begin to see the show come to life.




  1. Tell us a wee bit about you?鈥ㄢ

My name is Gudrun and I’m a performance maker and director based in Glasgow. I make theatre in many different contexts, mainly with young people and community groups, as well as making my own work. I come from Iceland but have been living in Glasgow for almost five years now and love it!

2. How did you first find out about Junction 25?鈥ㄢ

I first found out about Junction 25 when I saw their performance Figment in 2013. This was the first piece of work I had seen with young people being themselves, exploring what it means to be a young person. I was still studying at the time, on the Contemporary Performance Practice programme at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. In third year, the students undertake a professional placement with a company or an artist of their choice; and that’s how I started my placement with Glas(s) Performance and Junction 25. I worked as an assistant director on 5.9 Million, where I got hands on experience in making the work with the young people. I still remember how amazed I was watching Figment and it has been a total joy to work with the company in a variety of ways and specifically now, directing DEADLINE.

3. How have you worked with the group to make the new show DEADLINE?鈥ㄢ

Having worked with the company before, we had the luxury of drawing upon our previous experiences when planning the process. This year we had quite a lot of new members, and obviously the group were working with us as directors for the first time, so it felt important to start by building the group dynamic. We did this through lots of games and exercises, quick making tasks and exploration of themes that interested the young people. We made DEADLINE through a devising process, which means that the young people make all of the text and movement from tasks we set them. Themes of time, pressure, exhaustion and success were reoccurring throughout the work and so it was very clear to us that these themes were both important and exciting for the young people to explore. We started using conventions associated with these themes to make the work. The young people have been absolutely brilliant at generating material for the show and it’s a been a pleasure seeing it all come together in such an organic way.

4. What do you think are important about the themes of the show for young audiences?

I believe that DEADLINE is very relevant for young audiences since the themes of the show affect them directly on a daily basis. We are hoping the show allows for a conversation about the pressure to succeed and stand out in today’s society, so it feels important that we engage with as many young audiences as possible.聽The young people reflected that at their age they are constantly being asked聽what they want to be when they are older, where they see themselves in five聽years time and what they want to achieve. They feel the constant pressure to聽succeed and to meet their deadlines, overwhelmed by the fact there will聽always be another deadline approaching. DEADLINE explores the pressure to聽succeed in a variety of ways; where the young people are given a platform to聽discuss and explore the theme from their standpoint.

  1. What are you looking forward to about the final stage of the process?

I’m looking forward to seeing all of the material come together. The show has been devised by the young people, which means that the script isn’t made until the very end of the process. I’m looking forward to having the script in our hands, being in the space and seeing the cast in their costumes ready to do their first run and of course, the moment when the audience arrive!

DEADLINE will be on at Tramway 21-23rd June 2017