Between here and there are miles upon miles of land and water, huge cities and small towns, boats carrying things from one place to another, bridges connecting two pieces of land and millions and millions of people.

There are forests and different species, languages, cultures, roads and train tracks. There are politics and parties and picnics and there is a lot of grass.

There are conflicts and disagreements, countless acts of kindness, there are countries and histories and stories that are being passed down generations.

 Between here and there are similarities and differences that bring us closer and push us further apart, there are people and places and there is me and there is you.

1,210km is an explosive new show by young people from Glasgow and Berlin that will inspire, question and provoke. Award winning young performance companies from Berlin and Glasgow explore ideas of cross-cultural identity, connection and belonging as they ask the question: ‘what is the space between us?’

This show has been created by young participants from Theater an der Parkaue, Berlin and Glasgow’s Junction 25, through a creative and cultural exchange over a number of months, and through digital technology.

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Tramway was delighted to host the premiere of 1,210km on the 10th & 11th August as part of Festival 2018, the cultural programme for the Glasgow 2018 European Championships. It is without doubt one of the most daring collaborations taking place between the two cities as a result of Festival 2018. 1,210km went on tour to Theater an der Parkaue in Berlin, October 2018. Performances and Q&A were held on 15 and 16 October at Theatre an der Parkau, STAGE 2.

Devised and Performed by: 

Sophia Bickmann, Ethan Brodie, Rory Cameron, Noemi Conrad, Rory Doherty, Sophie Enders, Caitlin Fullwood, Delia Gaizely-Gardiner, Raedie Gaizely-Gardiner, Helena Golderer, Amalia Herrmann, Eve Jahoda, Emma Jane Clark, Wilma Kahl, Zoë Langner, Dexter McCall, Holly McCartney, Adam Montgomery Masters, Eve Murphy, Elisabeth Nelson, Felicity Pfeifer, Lola Pryde Belshaw, Tobias Radcke, Niall Robertson, Kristina Schemenz, Lilja Veigel, Ivan Baynham-Wainwright, Jessica Wood, Nina Williams, Annabelle Zeuner

Devised by: Molly Kathleen Quinn and Eilidh Bryant

Devised and Directed by: Rosie Reid, Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir and Sarah Kramer

Dramaturge: Sarah Wiederhold

Junction 25 Associate Artist: Eva Hunter

Digital Design by: Dan Shay

Original Lighting designed by: Nia Wood

Sound Designed by: Zac Scott

Costume: Laurie Brown

Junction 25 Producer: Tashi Gore

Tramway Producer: Walmsley, Joanne

Project Manager: Louise Allan

Production Manager: Roy Fairhead

Poster Image: Julia Bauer

Production Images: Kevin Low

Conceived by: Jess Thorpe and Tashi Gore (Glas(s) Performance


About the companies

Theater an der Parkaue, Young State Theatre of Berlin is a repertory theatre for children and young people. It is subsidised by the federal state Berlin, making it the largest state theatre for young audiences in Germany. Since its foundation in 1950 more than 8 million people visited the house, watching over 500 productions.

Junction 25 is an awarding-winning theatre company made of young people aged 11-18. They make original performances, using theatre as a platform on which to explore, document and share their ideas, opinions and unique perspective on what it means to be a young person today. In over ten years they have made over 15 pieces of work, and garnered nominations and awarrds. Most recently, in 2015, they won the prestigious CATS Whiskers award for an outstanding achievement in pioneering and high-quality work by young people.

Junction 25 is co-produced by Glas(s) Performance and Tramway, and 1,210 km is supported by Goethe-Institut and Festival 2018.

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Photography by SNS Group, courtesy of Tramway

Additional support from: