A Bit of Bite [On Tour]


“a reflection on what young eyes see and how they feel about it…. A fresh, frank energy.”
★★★★ The Herald


Platform, Glasgow | 29 March at 1.30pm & 7pm

Battersea Arts Centre, London | 6 April at 7:30 | 7 April at 8pm


Passion (noun): a strong and barely controllable emotion.

You say that I don’t get it. That I’m too young, too naïve, too innocent to feel strongly about anything important. That I’m too inexperienced to know what it means and why it matters. You think I don’t really know what to shout about or what to fight for.

You are wrong.


A Bit Of Bite  is the most recent  show by Junction 25 about the role of young people in contemporary politics and the power and responsibility that comes with having a voice and using it. Originally staged in June 2016 to a sell-out audiences at Tramway, Glasgow, A Bit of Bite will be on tour in Spring 2017. We hope to see you there!


29 March, 1.30pm / 7pm
1000 Westerhouse Rd
Glasgow, G34 9JW
£8.50 / £5 / £4

Battersea Arts Centre
6 & 7 April, 7.30pm / 8pm
Lavender Hill
London, SW11 5TN


A Bit of Bite is supported by Creative Scotland’s Open Project Fund


Devised and Performed by:

Cara Brodie
Ethan Brodie
Eilidh Bryant
Rory Cameron
Sean Fullwood
Caitlin Fullwood
Raedie Gaizley-Gardiner
Joe Gardner
Eva Hunter
Ruth Jahoda
Eve Jahoda
Eve Marriott
Dexter McCall
Adam Montgomery Masters
Niall Turner
Laiqa Umar
Nina Williams
Jess Wood

Devised by:
Lucy Bozkurt, Lauren Cameron , Annie McLaughlin, Alexandria McKendrick,

Co-produced by:
Glas(s) Performance and Tramway

Devised and Directed by:
Jess Thorpe and Tashi Gore

Assistant Director, Junction 25 Associate Artist:
Craig McCorquodale

Lighting Designer:
Lynfryn Mackenzie

Video Designer:
Jamie Wardrop

Sound Design:
Adam Low and the Company

Production Manager:
Dave Evans

Sam Burnley

Producer and Company Manager:
Jennifer Cummins

Poster Image:
Kevin Low

Press and Marketing:
Helen Eragona


Notes on the Show

by Cara Brodie, Company Member

What does it mean? What is it all about? Ladies and gentlemen, this is ‘A Bit of Bite’.

This year at Junction 25 one idea which particularly stood out at the beginning of our devising process was the relationship between people our age and the world of politics. With such a big age span within the group, ranging from age 11 to 18, we realised that this affected us all in different ways. The older members of the group are just getting used to the idea of having a vote, what that means and how important that is. However, the younger members do not have this right. No matter what age, some of us have a deeper interest or understanding of politics than others, but we have realised that we all have things to say about decisions which will affect the lives of our generation and the generations to follow. Many of us feel like our voices aren’t listened to and  our opinions aren’t respected, even on issues, such as education, which affect us directly. With this show we  are asserting that we have opinions worthy of respect, opinions which deserve to be listened to by those who have power and influence.

This topic is urgent, daring and dangerous. The show is funny, deeply emotional and also empowering for us as young people. I am extremely excited to share our work with the public, especially as this is my last show with Junction 25. For me this is the perfect way to end my time with the company. It has always been an amazing platform for young people to have a voice and I am so grateful that this has been available to me. We hope that, after seeing ‘A Bit of Bite’, you will  agree that our voices, and the voices of young people more generally, need to be heard just as much as yours.



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