The Tramway’s Junction 25 youth theatre company – steered by directors Tashi Gore and Jess Thorpe – have been hailed as one of the finest in the UK, and it’s not difficult to see why; every one of the 17 performers on stage has an energy, a focus, a controlled anger, and a fierce, ironic humour that gives a spine-shuddering collective power to their trademark collages of movement, music, and semi-documentary improvisation.

★★★★ Joyce Macmillian


Junction 25, a brilliantly focused ensemble of forthright individuals, has devised a hard-hitting work that asks the questions we tend to give up on – once we’ve left school. Hands up who wants to see it again? Me! Me! Me!

★★★★ Mary Brennan


We know that we have a lot of choices to make
We know we have to sit up and face the front
We know that we have right to remain silent
But that anything we say may harm our defence
We know that we have to succeed

The starting point for Anoesis was selected by the group through a process of exploration and discussion. We identified an interest in the systems we felt we were a part of and the ultimate pursuit of happiness. Another feeling was the need for us to challenge themselves to produce a piece that was more intimate than some of our previous ‘main stage’ work and allowed us direct contact and interaction with our audiences.

Anoesis was created for an audience of 40 people who are invited to sit facing each other side by side with the performers on two long tables in the context of an examination. As the piece unfolds the audience are registered, appraised, questioned, quizzed and required to participate in the exam to the sound of the ticking clock.

Anoesis was first performed at Tramway in March 2012