**** beautiful, heartbreaking and clever – The Scotsman

We are running out of time.
We are drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion.
We work hard. We are committed, organised and motivated.
We are willing to push ourselves to the limit and do whatever it takes.
We are here to finish what we started.

DEADLINE is a show by Junction 25 about the glorification of working hard, society’s definition of success and the affect it has on young people.​

DEADLINE premiered at Tramway 4, Glasgow: 21- 23rd June 2017 7.30pm

Devised and Performed by: Ethan Brodie, Eilidh Bryant, Rory Cameron, Emma Clark, Rory Doherty, Sean Fullwood, Caitlin Fullwood, Raedie Gaizley Gardiner, Eve Jahoda, Eve Marriott, Dexter McCall, Adam Montgomery Masters, Elisabeth Nelson, Lola Pryde Belshaw, Molly Quinn, Niall Turner, Laiqa Umar, Ivan Wainwright, Nina Williams, Jess Wood

Co-produced by:
Glas(s) Performance and Tramway

Devised and Directed by:
Rosie Reid and Gudrun Soley Sigurdadottir

Assistant Director, Junction 25 Associate Artist: Craig McCorquodale

Dramaturgy by: Jess Thorpe

Lighting Design by: Kate Bonney and Laura Hawkins

Sound Design: Zac Scott

Production Manager: Laura Hawkins

Technician:Rhian Campbell

Producer: Jess Thorpe

Poster Image:
Julia Bauer

BSL Interpreter:
Yvonne Strain


Four Stars in Scotman

Four Stars in Herald


Notes on Show:

DEADLINE is a show by young people about the pressure we face and the glorification of working hard. It explores what success is and what we must do to achieve the right kind of success. This is a show we felt we needed to make right now and ironically creating it has been a stress relief from our everyday busy lives full of anxiety that comes from the need to succeed.

This show is especially important to me because it reflects my own experiences of stress and the struggle to keep up, whether that’s with schoolwork or everyday life. Whilst creating DEADLINE, we all experienced stressful times in our lives and reflected on the times we felt under a lot of pressure or times where we felt we had failed.  It seems we all feel the need to work hard – but does it lead to success? What does success look like? Why do we aim for it?

  • Jess Wood, 15 (performer/deviser)

Production Shots:

Credit: Alan McAteer