Yet again the essence of the piece is personal anecdote and opinion: this time the starting point was childhood and how our world view changes as we grow up – all served up with a throwaway humour (often bordering on the unsentimentally forthright) but also shot through with the kind of truthful immediacy that reaches out to stir one’s own memories and tug at heart and head alike. … brave, bold, brilliant stuff.

★★★★ Mary Brennan, The Herald (2013)

I used to read comics
I used to write stories
I used to get excited about really small things
I used to play football in the garden
I used to watch cartoons
I used to believe everything I was told

Figment is a show about the things we believed in as children and what happens when we discover more about the world in which we live. It is about what is true and what is not, what we know and about the power of imagination.

Figment was created as a main stage production devised and performed by the 20 young people aged between 11 and 18 that currently making up up the core company. The show platformed at Tramway in March 2013 as part of the ‘Rip It Up’ season, designed to showcase new work. At this time it ran over three days and was performed four times with one Friday matinee targeted at schools.