From Where I Am Standing

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You taught me the important lessons; how to tie my shoelaces and tell the time, how to ride a bike. You told me which doors to open and which to close, you were there taking the photos when I blew out the candles, you helped me through the hard times and were always there when I needed you…

A creative experiment in which Junction 25 invite their parents to join the group in an attempt to create a show which explores the real dynamics of family life.

From Where I Am Standing premiered at Tramway and was consecutively presented at Promote YT’s National Festival of Youth Theatre 2008, Into The New Festival as part of New Territories 2009 and Forest Fringe 2009.


You said I could be anything I wanted, you said not to be afraid of the world, you said don’t follow the money, don’t mumble, eat with your mouth closed, you know there’s a t in party.

That’s what you said to me.

Well, that’s what you were supposed to say to me.

No matter what you said,

You were always there. Holding my hand,

Whether I liked it or not.

– Nathan Low



Photos by Tommy Ga-Ken Wan