The Unknown – Associate Artist Reflections on Upcoming 1,210Km


Over the past couple of months Junction 25 have been devising, creating and experimenting with different ideas and materials. Our new production  1,210Km is an exciting show for Junction 25. As it is a collaboration with Theatre an der Parkue, Berlin. we have a very short amount of time to work together, but that’s what makes this process so exciting, the unknown.

The devising and rehearsal process of this show is a new experience for us all in the company and throughout this new series of blogs, we plan to share our experiences through words, photographs and hopefully the occasional video.

Through creative discussions, meeting in person (we had a trip to Berlin in February, check out our Instagram for some photos, @Junction25) and through social media (we have all realised that this could not work without it…) the young people are collaboratively keen to explore the ideas of cross cultural identity, connection and belonging. What makes us different? Are we different? Why is it important to connect? And crucially, what is the space between us?

Through movement, text, visuals and debates we want to explore the importance of connection and space. The topics we have been discussing and investigating in rehearsals are very important to us and need to be discussed with a wider audience. Each week I come away thinking of how important this production is for the young people taking part, but also how important these topics will be for the audience to reflect on what’s to come for us all.

Keep an eye on this space for more details and a look into how we are working on this amazing project. Also make sure you follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@junction25) to see what we are up to in weekly rehearsals. As the new associate artist I am new to blogging but I am excited to share with you more updates that allow you to see the work of Junction 25 in real depth and become as excited as I am for 1,210Km.


– Eva Hunter, Associate Artist @ Junction 25 


1,210Km is on at Tramway 10th and 11th August 7.30pm. You can book your tickets now through Tramway Box Office!