The Next Step – Thoughts about our international collaboration 1210km from Lead Artist Rosie Reid


Are you in or out?

Is it a yes or is it a no?

Deal or no deal?

Agree or disagree?

United or divided?

Hard brexit or a soft brexit?

European or British?

British or Scottish?

German or Scot?

Are you proud or are you nationalistic?

Do you feel connected or do you feel distant?


In Scotland we are currently experiencing one of the most turbulent periods of our long political history, we are bombarded with binary questions daily within our political debates. Whether we have any choice or advocacy within this matter is another thing entirely. Perhaps that day is long gone.


Next week we begin next stage for 1,210km, an on-going exchange between Junction 25 in Glasgow and Theater an der Parkaue in Berlin. This last point in the devising process will culminate in a performance with 30 young people from both countries exploring the distance between us, what sets us apart and how we connect to one another.


1,210km rejects oppositions. It creates a space for exchanges and experiments across the continent. Space to figure out how to make sense of what’s happening out with our control.


After such an unsettling summer of politics, hysteria, and fear for our countries future, I am left wondering how this will reposition us when we meet together next week. Will we still be able to find a footing; a way to get on one another’s page? As one of the four directors working on 1,210km I am uncertain of what awaits us, what we will discover and where we will find ourselves at the end. Much like our country and it’s relationship to Europe, this next stage is brimming with unknowns.